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Enrique: So you had your cassettes and VHS tapes that are being sent out. Who was receiving these promotional materials? Were they people that you knew in your warm market? Were these folks local or nationwide?

Paul: Yes, originally they were people that I knew. But then we began to buy mailing lists of people interested or that had subscriptions to health magazines or fitness magazines. So we were basically buying mailing list and were mailing these out randomly to people that we thought would be health-conscious.



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Though you can include graphics in HTML emails, I rarely do so. The reason is that nearly 70% of all email graphics go blocked in your reader’s email client. That means they’re left with a big blank spot when reading your email.

Enrique: So in the year 2000, what happened to you and your business?

Paul: Well, the tape was great for about five years. There were 47 millionaires created from that audio tape. It was a very successful program. But everything has its end to it. Everything began to move to CDs and the Internet. So I had to change how I did business. There was about a year between there when I stopped using the audio and videotapes. I tried to do home meetings. Nothing against them, as I know they work for a lot of people, but I was a disaster at it. I was terrible and not good at all at inviting people to these events. I was a very good speaker in front of people but it was the part of just getting people to come that I would just not very good at all.

Hence in 2001 I turned to a new avenue of doing business because my business was dwindling. I was looking for a new way that was duplicatable that I could do again. Basically I was looking for another Dead Doctor’s situation only I knew I couldn’t use audio tapes anymore.

Enrique: So what did you do at that point?

Paul: I accidentally fell into Internet Marketing. Our company released an on-line system. The key to that was to drive people to your landing page and get them to fill it out. We were running a power line system at the time. That was a big thing at that time to run a power line system and place people below each other. That’s really when I became very, very successful using mlm email leads. That was 10 times more successful than the audio tape because now I was able to reach more people. I would literally buy a million leads a month and load them into your system. For two or three years straight, I was signing up 125 new members every single month with orders.


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