Email marketing pioneer Enrique Garibay reveals 5 insider’s secrets to prospecting with an mlm email lead list for your MLM business opportunity.

I remember the “glory days” of email prospecting. I remember a time when you could send out one plain text email message to 100 people on my mlm lead list. Of the 100 mlm leads, 30 prospects would not only click-through the email link and go to my website, but they would also fill out an online survey form.

At that time, prospecting with mlm email lead lists was like shooting fish in a barrel. It was fast. It was simple. And it produced immediate results.

Times have changed. Today, mlm email lead lists results like that are rare.

If you’re going to succeed with mlm email lead lists today, you must pay close attention to the 5 insider’s secrets that I’m about to reveal. They are as follows:

MLM Email Lead Tip #1: When to Send your Email.
Which day of the week is the best for sending your prospecting email message? I suggest sending your email on either Monday or Tuesday. Of the two days, I prefer Tuesday and here’s why…

Monday is the first day back from the weekend and the reader is going to have a lot of junk email in their inbox that they’ll have to sort thru.

Monday is also the busiest time of the week. People have to catch up and figure out where they left off last week.

On the other hand, Tuesday is less hectic and a little more relaxed compared to Monday. And as such, I like my prospect relaxed when they read my email.

Does Time of Day Matter?

When it comes to sending prospecting emails, I prefer to send my emails out late morning.


People like to go through their inbox first thing in the morning. I don’t like my mlm email lead prospecting message to get caught in the batch “delete” that happens that time of day.

I like to send my email later in the morning… say when my readers are taking their work break or having lunch. Then they can browse their email in a more leisure manner. That means they’re less likely to be rushed for time while reading my email.

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Email Lead Tip #2: Plain Text vs. HTML Email format.

There are a few things to consider when selecting the email format – either plain text email or HTML email.

The advantages of plain text messages are that they are simple and don’t require any knowledge of HTML to create them.

A disadvantage of sending plain text messages are that they are not very engaging to the reader since they don’t include any graphics or colors. Also, you can’t place any sort of tracking code in the email itself to know whether a person has opened the email message or not.

An HTML email on the other hand does require knowledge of HTML creation. It is rich and engaging to the readers and can include links to track email opens and click throughs. The downside however is that nearly 70% of all email graphics are blocked by your reader’s email clients.

My choice is to send plain text email. It’s easier to create and it looks just like the email that friends send to friends.

Look Your Prospect in the Eyes.

We live in a video world today. And as such, there’s no better way to communicate with your prospect than to look them in the (camera’s) eyes and talk directly to them.

Consider sending a short email message and telling the reader that you’ve prepared a time-sensitive video for them. They click the link and your video appears. They look you right in the eyes as you begin to talk directly to them.

Try web video in email… when you do, you’re marketing like a PRO!

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Email Lead Tip #3: The “FROM” name.
When you open your email, how do you sort the “good” mail from the “junk” mail?

I sort by looking at the FROM name on the email message.

When selecting the “FROM” name on your email, select a “FROM” name that sounds like a personal friend.

Readers are more likely to open an email message from someone they know.

Another suggestion might be to use a “FROM” name that “stands out of the crowd”. I’ve seen single names or phrases used instead of a personal name. It’s unexpected and it throws the reader off a bit generating curiosity.

I’ve also seen toll-free telephone number as the “FROM” name. That always picks my interests.

So again, select a “FROM” name that stands out or creates curiosity. That way your mlm email lead prospects will be more likely to click the email to resolve their curiosity.

Email Lead Tip #4: Curiosity Subject Line
The email subject line is extremely important when sending email to your mlm email lead list.


Because it is the 40-character “teaser” to in part determines whether your email gets opened or not.

I encourage you to craft your 40-characters message carefully to pick your reader’s curiosity. That way they’ll click on your email to learn more.

Choosing the right subject line has shown to improve click-through rates by 25 percent to 50 percent or more!!

Consider testing various subject lines to see which yields the best response. I recommend testing a single subject line on a minimum of 1,000 to 5,000 mlm email leads. That way you’ll have enough data to make valid comparisons.

Next, use one subject line as the baseline. Test the other subject lines to the baseline. Continually test new subject lines against the best performing subject line.

My Best Subject Line Ever

I’ve found that my best subject lines are those that are extremely short and those that don’t tell the person why I’m writing them. And because of that, the reader has to click the message to find out what the message is all about.

And what was the best subject line ever for me?

It was a single word.

Can you guess what it was?

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Email Lead Tip #5: What’s In it for Me?
As much as we’d like to think that prospects what to know all about you, your products and services… the truth is that they don’t care about you. They don’t care about me.

All prospects care about is themselves and whether you can help them… or not.

Why People Buy

People buy for emotional reasons. They don’t buy because of the facts.

Be sure to keep the focus of your email on the emotional reasons that may pertain to to your reader.

Too many people market the hype and financial rewards of a business opportunity. And in doing so, they tend to focus on their company, their product or their service.

What do prospects really want to know about when reading your email? They want to know…

“What’s in it for me?”

That’s all they care about.

The sooner you realize what their needs and interests are, the sooner you can tailor your mlm lead email offer to meet those needs and interests.

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In summary, this email marketing pioneer has seen the good and the bad of email marketing over the years. While prospecting via mlm email leads and autoresponder leads isn’t like it used to be, a savvy marketer can certainly improve their email results by paying close attention to these 5 insider’s secrets to prospecting with an mlm email lead list for your business opportunity.


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