In today’s marketing tip, I want to address the question I receive about mlm leads generated by sending MyAutoPilot Click Traffic to lead capture pages. People often write-in asking:

“I’m generating network marketing leads from the click traffic you’re sending. The prospects are getting emails from my email autoresponder. If there’s no response from the leads via email, should I call the prospects? And if I call the prospects, what should I say to them when I do call?”


I would definitely call any and all leads generated by traffic being sent to your lead capture page. Not only are these hot leads, but they are your leads exclusively. No one else has these same leads from this traffic.

The best part about having leads generated at your lead capture page is that prospects can be redirected to your business presentation immediately after the lead capture page optin. So by the time you follow-up with them, they’ve already seen your business presentation. And that’s one of the biggest challenges in prospecting – getting prospects to your business presentation.

Think about the old days of prospecting..

You had to get someone to a hotel, home or coffee shop meeting. Not only was it a lot of work just to get them there, but it was a lot of work giving the presentation as well.

All that is simplified when you direct web traffic to lead capture page.

Prospects will have been exposed to your business presentation even before you contact them. That makes for an extremely easy phone call to make. And it shortens up the whole prospecting timeline.

So what do you say to prospects when you do connect on the phone?

I’d recommend interviewing the prospect using the training provided to you in your Member’s account. Find out what the prospect is looking for and why.

Once you’ve done that, ask..

“Okay so you’ve seen the business presentation. So tell me, are you ready to start making money from home?”

Your prospect will most likely tell you that they want some more information in order to make a decision. Ask the prospect what specific information they need, then direct them to that information while you’re still on the phone together. Ask them to go to their computer and pull up your company website. Tell them exactly where to go on your website to get their questions answered.

Then ask them for the order. Ask them if they’re ready to get started.

Directing MyAutoPilot Web Traffic to your lead capture page helps you to quickly sift and sort more people in less time. And it shortens the timeline to getting a decision.

As you prospect, please remember that people are people. People want to know that you’re a real person. So don’t be afraid to pick up the phone. You’ll make more money when you do.

Thanks for reading.

To your success,