This describes mlm click traffic. It answers frequently asked questions about mlm lead generation using click traffic.

“Where’s my click traffic?

“I had some leads come in then everything stopped. What happened? Did you stop my order or is it still running?”

That’s a question I receive several times a week. I thought I’d answer that for everyone today, as well as share some insights about Internet traffic..

I’ve found over the years that Internet traffic has ebbs and flows.

There will be times when it seems most everyone is opting into your webform to become a lead.

And there will be times when it seems that no one is opting into your lead capture page at all. You might even wonder if your lead capture page is broken, or offline.

It is because of the ebbs and flows that we like to spread your click traffic order to fill over a period of time – ideally 7 to 10 days or more. Our experience is that spreading your traffic out over time acts to improve your lead capture page optin rate.

If ever you’re wondering whether your order is still filling, simply log into Member’s account.. navigate to “Download Leads“. There you’ll see your order and the number of clicks posted to fill your order to date. Rest assured that if you haven’t yet received your full order of traffic, then your order is still in fill rotation.

Note: when you download the traffic file from your member’s account, you’ll find a list of timestamps and IP addresses. There are no leads in that file. That’s because the leads are to be found in your lead capture page system. We’re only providing you record of the traffic that was directed to your lead capture page.

If ever you want the click traffic delivered at a faster rate, simply Contact Us and tell us over what period of time you’d ideally like your order completed. We’ll do our best to meet your click traffic marketing needs.

Thanks for reading.

To your success,