A MLM advertising lead co-op one of the most powerful and predicable methods of building a large network marketing business fast!

Enrique called me today and we talked about the benefits of creating our own MLM Lead Co-op and how it will allow our clients to explode their businesses in 2008.

Let me share real quick how MLM Lead Co-ops work, so you can take full advantage of this new powerful component, to double your downline and triple your income in record time.

What Is A MLM Advertising CO-OP?

A MLM Advertising Co-op or what some call a MLM Lead Co-op is where a network marketing team split the cost of the overall advertising. This is exclusive advertising done on behalf of the MLM organization by the MLM lead generation company.

The co-op is broken down into shares. Each share represents a percentage of the whole co-op. Once 100% of the allotted shares of purchased the co-op is closed and the advertising is turned on.

The distribution of the leads to each shareholder can be automatically placed within an online marketing system (replicated websites.) In some cases MLM lead co-ops are set up to be manually distributed like those used with radio & T.V. Infomercial co-ops

What Are The Benefits Of MLM Advertising Lead CO-OPS?

• The cost expensive advertising is shared equally by each shareholder based on the number of shares they have purchased. This greatly minimizes the overall exposure of each shareholder.

• as the success of the advertising is seen by your downline, a second co-op can be launched and more advertising dollars can be added to the next buy as the ad campaign expands.

• New team members just joining your team who have small advertising budgets can participate in the successful MLM advertising co-op allowing them to collapse their timeframe to generating a profit in their business.

• Your team members can buy one or more shares to increase their overall marketing success.

Tomorrow I will share about the exponential leverage you will experience with your advertising dollars by using a MLM advertising Lead Co-op.

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly