Mark Wieser, one of the most successful prospectors in current network marketing history, and the #1 student of Master Prospector Todd Falcone reiterates exactly what Enrique has been preaching for year.

Enrique’s prospecting methods have been used successfully for years, by some of the most successful networkers in the business who buy and use day in and day out.

Yet time and time again I have seen people send emails stating “these leads suck! I sent them emails and they never respond, never clicked my links, or never called me.”

And Enrique will ask the same question he has asked a million times “Have you called them?” 89% of the time, the answer is always the same – NO, why would I do that?”

Well, take a few minutes and read what Mark has to say on this very subject. And for you who may not know Mark Wieser, let me share just a little.

Mark was my #1 personal sponsor for 15 months running, personally sponsoring 20 to 30 new reps each and every month using MLM Leads. He is not someone who teaches theory, he shares facts!


“What if a simple two minute phone call could transform your network marketing success?

So many networkers are missing the boat by not doing this, while a select few are absolutely cleaning up with it…

Here’s what’s happening:

In their quest to become more “leveraged,” more “systematic” and more efficient, many networkers have moved away from the phone. Many others simply avoid it altogether out of fear, laziness or who knows…

For whatever the reason, MOST prospects never get a phone call. Instead, they get emails, flash presentations, audio overviews, CD’s and all sorts of information by email and/or over the net.

Think about it.

When you email your prospect, how many OTHER emails about opportunities do you suppose they’ve received that week? That DAY even?

Most prospects are literally getting bombarded with information in their inbox, not to mention while surfing around on the web.

Their seeing opportunity after opportunity, all of which are claiming to be that “something special” they’re searching for.

It’s no wonder prospects end up confused, and racked with indecision. There are so many options, it’s hard to know what to believe and what to act on.

Make no mistake.

No matter HOW GOOD your system is, it’s not enough. If that’s all you’re relying on, you’re leaving money on the table. Lots of it.

You MUST get your prospect’s attention. And it’s so EASY! Simply pick up the phone and leave a COMPELLING message on their voicemail.

Here’s one of my favorites. Let’s say my prospect’s name is: Tom I give him a call and when I hit his voice mail, I simply say:

“Hey Tom, Mark Wieser here. Tom you’ve been taking a look at my XYZ System and I thought I’d take a minute and phone you personally.

Tom, if you’ve been seriously investigating opportunities you’ve no-doubt been bombarded with information. In fact, you’ve probably been trying to sort through what’s real and what’s hype. Tom, let me simplify things for you… just ask yourself a question: how many of those people have bothered to pick up the phone and call me? I’m betting one or none!

Tom, I’m a professional networker and I work with people one on one who are serious about creating success in this industry. Now I’m going to leave my number but Tom, I don’t want you to call me back — not right away at least. Instead, I want you to look for an email I just sent you with a subject line that contains your phone number… in it, I’ve given you access to some REAL information that’ll give you an inside look at something different. Review it, THEN call me Tom and let’s talk. Here’s my number XXX-XXX-XXXX. Write it down. Here it is again: XXX-XXX-XXXX. Tom, one last thing…

I only call ONCE. “Opportunity knocking”… don’t let it pass you by.

Review my information, then call me and let’s see if what we’ve got is a good fit for you. Talk to you soon.”

Now… the KEY to the above is to make your delivery CONVERSATIONAL.

Please do not treat this as a “script” and read it into someone’s answering machine.

Instead, just read it and absorb the concept, then ad lib when you phone your prospect. One more thing: take your time. Do not rush your message. I actually SLOW my delivery down, and make some pauses throughout for effect. It makes it far more impactful when you deliver it in a casual, relaxed way.

This approach works extremely well for several reasons:

1) You’re probably the only one who’s bothered to phone them

2) Your message is DIFFERENT than they expect

3) Telling them NOT to call you back grabs their attention and focuses them in because it’s unexpected.

4) your email (and it’s subject line) stands out like a blinking red light from all the “clutter” in their inbox.

5) It makes your prospect THINK.

Get busy with some prospects and put this into action… I think you’ll be impressed by your results.”

So stop focusing on just MLM email leads, and call Enrique today and order some Real-Time MLM Leads.

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly