Is your lead capture page giving TMI?!

You know.. Too Much Information?

If so, then it’s likely you’re your capture page is not going to convert as well as you would expect…even if you’re using premium web traffic.

The more information you give on a capture page, the more time it takes for the prospect to digest the information. The more time it takes to digest the information, the fewer leads your page will generate.

So, What’s Too Much Information?

Some lead capture pages give too much by having unnecessary:

  • page text
  • page graphics
  • videos

By far the biggest TMI offender is when the lead capture page tells the prospect:

  • what the company is
  • what business is
  • how it works
  • how much it costs to get started
  • what you get when you get started

If you’re giving the prospect all that information up front, then there’s NO reason for the prospect to opt into the page to learn more. They already have all the information they need to know whether they’re interested or not.

I’ve had some customers put a whole business presentation on a lead capture page. Their thought was that they didn’t want to talk to anyone that hadn’t already gone thru the presentation. Needless to say, their lead capture page optin rate was extremely low. I don’t recommend you do this with your lead capture page.

If your goal is to generate leads for your business, it is better to tease the prospect so that they have to opt into your page to learn more. Once they opt-in, you can direct them to a quick business presentation that gives them enough information that allows them to know whether they want more information. If they do, they’ll tell you their interest when you follow-up.

Take a look at your lead capture page. Are you giving away too much information up front? If so, modify the page to eliminate distractions, then tease them with good ad copy that makes them want to learn more.

Keep Stats

It’s important to keep statistics on your lead capture page. Look at how much traffic you’ve received and how many leads it generated. That way when you direct premium web traffic to your page, you’ll be able to tell whether the changes are helping or hurting your conversion rates.

Thanks for reading.

To your success,