This describes mlm lead generation and mlm lead capture page systems. Is your site down? Would you know if it was?

Is your site down?

If it was down, would you even know?

Having an mlm lead capture page or website down could cost you dearly. Especially when you’re spending money on advertising to drive mlm traffic to your lead capture page. Not only can it waste advertising dollars, but it can cost you in mlm leads that might have otherwise joined your business.

In today’s newsletter, I’m passing a quick tip on how to monitor your lead capture page or website to know whether your site is down. With this tip, you’ll know immediately when your site goes down, and when it comes back online. That way you can take appropriate action as it relates to your web-based advertising.

The reason I’m sending this tip is that yesterday, a number of our customers had a lead capture page system that went down. If it wasn’t for an alert distributor telling us to hold his order, all the other distributors from the same company would have wasted their MyAutoPilot Traffic that was being directed to the downed marketing system.

I use a website monitoring service called UptimeRobot. It’s a no-cost service that’s easy to setup. All you do is create an account, then “Add New Monitor“. There you specify a URL that you want monitored. Specify an email address where you want email notifications sent to when the site goes down. Then save your settings. That’s it!

UptimeRobot checks your URL every 5 minutes to verify that it is still online. As long as the site is online, you won’t hear from them. But when your site goes offline, Uptime Robot sends you an email notification telling you the site is down. When that happens, I recommend going to one or more computers (or mobile devices) to verify that in fact the site is down.

If the site is down, get with the website owner so they can take action. (Of course this may present a challenge. If their site is down, their email may also be down.) Otherwise, you can take action by halting your advertising as quick as possible. Once the site is back online and stable, you can resume your advertising.

When you’re looking to generate your own mlm leads with your lead capture page and web traffic, you should use our web traffic called MyAutoPilot Traffic. It’s pay-per-click web traffic of business opportunity seekers that we direct to your mlm lead capture page.

The advantage of this sort of “display ad” traffic is that it is generated by consumers clicking on our banner ads which are displayed at consumer sites. When they click on our “learn how to make mo’ney from home” ad, we direct them to your lead capture page.

Since we deliver traffic via our “rotator” and because we can add new consumer sites to our advertising, there is no limit to number of customers and businesses that we can drive traffic to. And we’re fast in setting up your order. Most customers start receiving traffic within the hour after their order.

MyAutoPilot Traffic is working great for our clients. I think it can work great for you too. Go here to try it today!

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