Wondering why your mlm lead capture page optin rate is low?

Well, the answer might be right there in your browser.

I see a lot of lead capture pages on a daily basis as I setup web traffic orders to fill. One of the common mistakes that I see people make is using a lead capture page too long in length. Ideally, a prospect should not have to scroll down the page to see your entire marketing message.

Last evening I had a user comment about poor results from a recent mlm click traffic order. After reviewing their lead capture page, I understood why…

Their lead capture page used a video that was so large on the page that it couldn’t be seen in full view without scrolling down the page. And to make things worse, their optin webform was somewhere below the video, well out of view.

If prospects can’t find your optin form when they first view your page, it’s unlikely that they’ll request more information.

Your optin webform should immediately be visible in the web browser when a prospect lands on your capture page.

Better yet, configure your lead capture page so that no scrolling is required whatsoever. That way you’re optimized for both desktop computers and mobile devices.

Once your lead capture page is ready, start generating exclusive leads using MyAutoPilot Traffic.

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