In last weeks article, I gave you a few tips that help improve your mlm lead capture page conversion when using MyAutoPilot Traffic for bizop click traffic.

Today I’m giving you another important conversion tip. It’s called:

Social Proof

What is “social proof”?

Wikipedia describes it as..

“..also known as informational social influence, is a physiological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behavior for a given situation.”

What’s the purpose of using social proof in your marketing?

You want to use social proof to..

1) Prove to others that it can work for them, and

2) Prove to others that it can help them overcome a problem like they have.

When everyone looks up at the sky, do you end up doing the same?

If no one is buying a certain flavor of ice cream in the store’s freezer, do you stay clear of it also?

Do you find yourself liking some of the same name brand clothing that your friends like?

Social proof is the force that influences important buying decisions. That’s why you see reviews on Yelp and Amazon. That’s also why you see videos like that at the right on our website. Those reviews help you relate to the product or service and whether it will work for you too.

So, how can you use social proof to improve your mlm lead capture page?

I suggest employing testimonials at your mlm lead capture page. Let prospects know that your business can work for them, while helping them to overcome problems that they have now.

Some of the best converting capture pages I’ve seen are those that employ testimonials.

If you’re
not using testimonials on your lead capture page, try it now and see how well it works for you. Then direct high quality mlm biz op click traffic to your page using MyAutoPilot Traffic.

Thanks for reading.

To your success,