Working MLM Leads which are generated by a professional MLM lead generation company is both a science and an art. How are you approaching your MLM Leads?

“My leads suck, these leads are useless, my leads have been called by other people, my leads said no, don’t want any, not interested, stop calling me.”

Have you heard any of those before?

Since I was 10 years old I have heard the above statements from potential people I have contacted about my business. I’ll never forget my first experience it was when I was in 5th grade. We were called into the auditorium and the principal placed a huge trophy up on the podium and said “The student who sells the most Christmas cards will will this trophy and $50.00.”

Well, the money sounded great, but I wanted that 18 inch 1st Place trophy.

It was Cold October in the Midwest and we had 6″ of snow on the ground. When I got home I told my mom (a top Tupperware rep) that I was going to win 1st prize.

I left the house and started knocking on doors. For the first hour all I heard was, “no, not interested, not now, we’re eating dinner and worst of all (for a 10 years old) Christmas sucks and Santa Clause is married to your mother, kid.”

But, I did not stop.  All I knew was I wanted that trophy. I wanted to be #1 out of all the school!

So the next night instead of waiting until dinner was over, I went out right after school. Instead of having dads answer the door, the moms would answer and listen to what I had to say.

Well to make a long story short, at the end of 14 days (the time we had before turning in sales) I sold 154 cases (24 boxes in each case, 12 cards in each box) of Christmas cards. I didn’t just go door to door, I stood in front on the grocery store, I stood at the door of our church, I went to each teacher, I sent order forms with my dad (who was at the time a knuckle cruncher for the Teamsters in the 70s) I even sold Christmas cards at my mom’s Tupperware parties.

Now let me ask you a question – How are you approaching your MLM Leads?

Are you doing the same thing over and over, getting the same miserable results? Or have you STOPPED calling your leads, and gone looking for some real training on how to work MLM Leads?

One of the main things that sets Enrique Garibay apart from the typical MLM lead generation company owner, is that he provides tried and true, proven training that really works.

As someone who has worked MLM leads and generated more leads in a month than most companies do in a year, I understand that leads are only as good as the person who is calling on them. Unless of course you are buying MLM leads from a rotten MLM lead generation company.

So if you are one of those people who have gone through every lead company you can find and now believe all MLM Lead companies suck. I challenge you to give Enrique 30 days to show you how to do it right.

As a member of here are the four steps you will be given from Enrique when you buy some of his MLM Leads.

Step 1 – Listen to a very important audio message from Enrique.

Step 2 – Listen to this special training call by MLM Pros who earn millions using

Step 3 – Download this phone script and learn why most people fail in the first 15 seconds they speak to a prospect.

Step 4 – Now download your leads.

See, although the site is called, the first 3 steps are all about MLM training. You must have the correct training before you ever contact your MLM Leads.

As a bonus to this article I would like to offer two incredible bonuses for you.

1. Call Enrique and talk to him and the right type of leads for you, and also share with him your success or failure up to this point working MLM Leads.

2. Todd Falcone is the #1 distributor in the history of MLM at working leads. For ten straight years he not only worked his own MLM Leads, he also trained thousands of other successful networkers on how to correctly work their MLM Leads. His #1 student went out to our recruit Todd 5 to 1 for 15 straight months. Click here for Todd’s Prospecing Mastery Course.

3. When you call Enrique, tell him I promised you a discount on your first MLM Lead order.

There are some great companies in the MLM Lead generation industry, but none of them are lead by an owner who has been in the trenches, understands first hand what you are going through and has a training staff who are currently using using the leads they are telling you about to build their personal MLM business.

Even if you are a critic and have been burned so many times you don’t have any skin left. Give Enrique a call and let him give you some MLM Lead skin care to take away the pain of frustration.

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly