Email Marketing Expert Paul Kroto explains how to use Video Prospecting Landing Pages to generate millions of dollars in his mlm business.

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Part 20

Enrique: Amazing, Amazing. That’s going to be a future article that we are going to be talking about what I call “video landing pages”. And it is really just that. Connecting with the person eye to eye and that is something that words cannot do on a landing page, but connecting eye to eye saying here’s who I am, I am a real person I am not some phishing scam out there. I am not some scam you heard about on the internet or TV, I am a real deal I am a real guy and here’s what I do and here’s how I help people and if you would like to do the same, here’s what you can do to investigate more.

Paul: Right. And it doesn’t just stop at the landing page. I continue to send out videos to my prospects once they do take a tour and then actually once they join, I have made up a bunch of 2 minute videos now of like I have a “topic of the week” and “Paul Kroto’s money making tip of the week” . Which keeps me in touch with my organization, keeps them learning all the time, I might mention a new book that I have read and it is just an awesome tool to – and everyone opens it up in my downline and actually watch the video where I would send an email before with a bunch of dry information about a conference coming up or this or that and they might scan through it, but not really catch it. But everyone is watching my video because they just think it is the coolest thing they look forward to it. God forbid if it is a day or two late because I was on vacation last week and I got all these emails where is your video email of the week I didn’t get it yet.

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