Recently I’ve been talking about the use of text messaging in your daily prospecting. In today’s marketing tip, I’m going to tell you how Kathy Schneider’s team uses text messaging with their prospects.

Kathy’s group employs MyAutoPilot Traffic to generate leads at their lead capture page. Many also order the 5 leads/day of our National Leads. Between the two, they have a steady stream of leads to work daily.

As they call their leads, they encounter voicemail as we all do. When they leave a voicemail message, they include the phrase:

“..or you can text me back at..”

So while their voicemail message tells the prospect to call them back directly, they are giving the prospect the option of replying via text message.

Kathy says that though some prospects don’t return their phone call, a number do reply via text when given the option.

Kathy stressed that all their text message are “permission-based” in that the prospects are initiating the text communication; not the distributor.

Thanks for the great tips Kathy!

Give these methods a try in your marketing and see how they work for you!

To your success,

Enrique Garibay