What’s the difference between a 10% mlm lead capture page optin rate, and an 84% optin rate?

If you said “74%” you’re right. But that’s not the answer I’m looking for.

Often times the difference between a 10% and 84% optin rate is simply the mlm lead capture page headline.

So why is the headline so important?

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The headline is the most important part of your mlm lead capture page. Without a good headline, the rest of your page won’t be read. With a good headline, you’ll make your mlm leads hungry to learn more.

Let’s face it, everyone lives an active and busy lifestyle. We all make instant decisions on whether something is worth our time or not. So when prospects land on your lead capture page, it’s up to your headline to entice them to learn more.. to engage and capture their attention so that they ignore all other distractions at that moment in time. Prospects only need a second or two to decide whether to read, or to move on.

Your headline has to make an instant impact. As they scan your headline, prospects decide immediately whether the page interests them.. whether it intrigues or amuses them.. or whether it is something they need to ignore and move on from. Your headline only has one chance to make a first impression with your prospect.

In the event you do succeed in grabbing your prospect’s attention, you must then follow that headline with a great introduction, superb main copy and a strong call to action.

So in summary, your headline can often be the difference between a 10% mlm lead capture page optin rate, and an 84% optin rate. So please choose your headline wisely to maximize your marketing efforts.

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