This describes mlm leads generation and mlm leads prospecting in a rejection-free manner using a mobile app for your mlm.

In today’s marketing newsletter, I’m going to describe a rejection-free method of prospecting that I would use if I were going to prospect you.

Imagine for a moment…

Today is the first day of my new business. I don’t have anyone to talk to about my business. So what do I do?

I would go to my smartphone and open up my personal mobile app. It’s a presentation app that my team leader created for his sales team. The app does all the presenting, selling and telling so I don’t have to.

Next, I go the part of the app that says Share App. The app asks me how I want to share – via SMS text, email, or via social marketing websites. I choose SMS text.

Next, I go thru the list of contacts on my smartphone. I go thru hundreds of contacts. I select your contact. I then send you the pre-written text message that looks like that at right:

I send you the text message.

As you do with all your text messages, you read my message immediately. You download my app and login.

As you look at my mobile app, you see the presentation slides my team leader put together as shown below:

You scan the slides. What? Make money? Your curiosity is heightened.

You go back to the first slide. It tells you to “double tap” on the image to play a video.

You double tap the first slide. A YouTube video plays.

The video tells you about my product/service and how you can have a business of your own from home. It tells you enough information to let you know whether you want more information. It lasts about 2 minutes.

You go to the 2nd slide and double-tap it.

The 2nd video tells you how you can make money in this home business by using the product/service and referring others to do the same. It doesn’t get into great detail about the comp plan (I made a detailed document available for that). It describes how you can get paid helping others start a business of their own. The video lasts 1-3 minutes.

You play the video from the 3rd slide. You hear testimonials from happy customers and distributors as they tell their stories. You can really relate to some of them. In fact, you unknowingly make an emotionally connection with several. This video lasts 2-4 minutes.

Then finally, you go to the last slide. The slides asks you if you’re ready to start making money. Either you’re ready to start making money, or you’re not.

If you’re ready to get started, you click the Join Now button and you’re taken to my company replicated website where you can get signed up.

If you’re not quite ready to get started, the slide tells you how to get more information.

Now let’s pause for a moment.. What just happened?

Think about what just happened. I sent you a simple text message to check my app. You did. You looked at my presentation.

At this point, I’ve accomplished all I wanted to accomplish in my prospecting. I was able to get you to take a look at my business presentation. That was my whole goal – to get you to see the presentation. After that, it’s up to you. You’re either interested or you’re not. I can’t control the outcome.

The more people that I can get to view my business presentation, the more distributors I’ll sign up into my business.

Now, let’s resume your mobile app experience..

Let’s say you need some more questions answered.

You click the “Home” button at the top right just like you were instructed. You then see the following screen on your mobile device:

You see my profile picture and my name displayed. You can click a button to contact me via phone, text or email me right there within the mobile app.

You find the additional information my team leader provided for you.

You read the news alerts about upcoming opportunity calls and local meetings across the country.

You see our team calendar of company events where you can learn more about my business and our team.

You review a media library of content. There you find more images, videos and audios.

You find the documents that I made available for you. You find the PDF document that details the comp plan.

You also find some initial training articles that I made available for you.The first article instructs you to get a copy of this same mobile app and personalize it just like I did. That way you can build your business just like me – rejection-free.

Now that you’ve reviewed my mobile app, you’re either interested to learn more, or you’re not. Either way, I’ve prospected you in a simple, rejection-free manner. And the more times I do that, the more new distributors will do what I just did to find their new distributors in a rejection-free manner.

Now imagine for a moment that you’re one my hard-to-get-hold-of leads that doesn’t answer the phone. I send you the same text message…

Can you imagine how simple and rejection-free your prospecting can be using a mobile app like this?

What do you think?

To your success,

Enrique Garibay –