Have you ever had a prospecting call where the mlm leads prospect seemed a bit hesitant and unresponsive over the phone? Maybe the prospect was hesitant because you tripped their “salesman” alarm. Maybe it was something you said that made them think that you were a salesman.

Prospects don’t want to be sold. So they put their guard up.

So how do you get prospects to lower their salesman guard?

You use the “contract”.

You tell the prospect that they’re in control of the call. You set a “contract” or an agreement with the prospect that tells them if they don’t like the direction of the call, they can end it at any time. Doing this makes the prospect feel as if they’re in control. And when they’re in control, they lower their guard.

So how do you create a contract with your prospect?

You say something like this..

“(Prospect), I want to ask you a few questions to see if what I have and what I do is going to be a match for you. But I just want to be straight and up front with you. If at any time during our conversation you’re not comfortable with the direction it’s going, would you just do me a favor and stop me? We’ll just end the call right then. That way you don’t feel like I’m wasting your time or mine. (Prospect), does that sound fair?”

By using the contract method, you get the prospect to agree that they have a way out of the conversation. Once they know this, they’re more at ease with you over the phone.

If you’re not using a contract during your prospecting call, start using one with all your prospects and see how well it works for you!


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