Learning how to leverage a MLM advertising lead co-op into massive mlm growth is as simple as ABC.

Let’s s you invest $250 a month in purchasing MLM Leads for your network marketing business. With a lead co-op you will take that same $250.00 per month and add it to the purchasing power of the other shareholder in the advertising co-op. So if you have 15 distributors in your downline who have also purchased shares in the co-op, instead of just $250 building your business, you now have 15 x $250 = $3750 PLUS your $250 for a grand total of $4000!

Can you see how powerful a MLM advertising lead co-op is and why you and your entire downline should be using our new MLM Lead co-op? It creates incredible financial leverage for building your MLM business.

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Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly