Learn how to increase your MLM Lead List or network marketing lead list sales conversion 900 to 1,149% using MLM landing pages and replicated websites.

Hello everyone, Enrique Garibay here at MLMLeads.com and DeskPing.com. Today I’m excited to announce a whole new way of marketing your mlm business opportunity on your mlm landing page or mlm replicated website. It’s through the use of streaming web video.

Why web video?

Bottom line: web video can produce a 900 to 1,149% increases in sales conversions for your mlm lead list.

We’ve seen it happen and so have a number of our customers. The same can happen for you.

TRUST: The MLM Lead Prospecting X Factor

As sales industry trainer Brian Tracy states…

80% of all Sales are Based on ‘Trust’ with your Prospect..”.

So if 80% of the sale is trust, how is your website going to build trust with your mlm lead list prospects if all they see is some text or a picture of a tropical resort on a web page?

Until now, text and pictures was really all you had to work with.

But let’s face it, text and pictures don’t build trust.

“People” build trust.

People talking to people builds trust.

People engaged with both sight and sound; that builds trust.

That’s how we as humans communicate with one another.

And if we’re going to be effective online, shouldn’t we communicate with our prospects in the same manner?

Well, today’s announcement takes replicated website personalization to a whole new level. Here’s how it work:

  • A user creates one or more short web videos or web audios that greets and invites the prospect into their site.
  • The user then uploads those web videos or web audios to their replicated website.
  • The web videos and web audios are posted over to DeskPing.com where they’re hosted and streamed for playback.
  • The web videos and/or web audios are now displayed on the user’s replicated landing page or replicated website.

It’s that simple.

And very effective.

The DeskPing web video and web audio platform is an Adobe Flash-based platform viewable by 99% of all Internet browsers. No special equipment, software licenses, servers, bandwidth or setup fees are required to implement.

Would you like to see how streaming web video or streaming web audio can be integrated into your mlm replicated landing or mlm replicated website?

Use our Contact Us form now or simply phone us directly at (785) 539-6904.

You can also visit us at DeskPing.com to learn more about streaming web video and web audio.

In summary, you can increase your MLM Lead List or network marketing lead list sales conversion 900 to 1,149% using web video and web audio on your MLM landing pages and replicated websites.


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