Contacting our MLM Leads 100% of the time is the #1 goal of network marketers. And the only guaranteed method of contacting your MLM Leads.

Around 2001 a visionary leader launched what soon became the standard in email marketing and paved the way for average home based entrepreneur to market their business like fortune 500 companies to their email MLM leads– and email Autoresponders became the primary marketing channel worldwide.

However, just like in politics, what worked in the past effectively to contact your mlm leads (You’ve Got Mail), does not work in the future. When email marketing was new, and AOL dominated the niche ALL MLM prospects were excited about getting any email and it was easy to get your marketing email open, read and email leads to join your business or buy your products.

Then SPAM hit an all time high and as the saying goes… Now you know the rest of the story!

Now with spam jamming inboxes it has become the norm to miss or even delete our favorite email newsletters, an inquiry from a customer, an important notice from an affiliate upline or our ISP tightens their SPAM filters to the point that we are not getting all our messages.

The frustration that networkers, email marketers, affiliate marketers, bloggers, website owners, downline business partners and many other business people are experiencing is at an all time high! However, there is an answer…

Direct – To – Desktop Marketing eliminates all these issues for both subscribers and email marketers alike. The subscribers gain full control of what information they receive without giving out their email or any personal information other than a name (real or factious.)

MLM entrepreneurs gain control of their time and energy because they no longer have to deal with all the hassles of publishing via email, they simply add a new PingNote to their Direct-to-Desktop communicator, click a button and all their subscribers receive it immediately.

Subscribing to a DeskPing Direct-To-Desktop marketing channel is like subscribing to cable television, only better. You decide what information you want to receive, like choosing a channel on television, and it is delivered to your desktop immediately, as soon as the DeskPing Publisher makes it available, whether in straight text, full html, voice, video, or interactive media.

Using DeskPing’s Direct-To-Desktop Communicator to contact your MLM leads is better than cable, because you don’t have to be at your computer to get all the latest news when it’s published, it’s like having a built-in DVR or TiVo. If you are not at your computer, or do not have your DeskPing channel viewer open, you won’t miss any information. The next time you launch your DeskPing channel viewer; all your new PingNotes will be there, waiting for you.

Direct To Desktop Marketing isn’t the next “Web 2.0 wave” on the Internet, this is the “Web 3.0 Marketing tsunami.”

Check out DeskPing today if you want to turn your small email marketing results into powerful money making conversions.

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly