This describes how to get your mlm leads prospecting follow-up emails opened.

Thanks those that wrote in from our last newsletter. In that newsletter, we asked what you would like answered in future newsletter installments.

In one of the email responses, Gary wrote-in asking:

“I purchase leads and send a lot of emails asking for their permission to send them information about the company I represent and our home business opportunity…what would be my best reply because what I say back is not working.”

Thanks for the email Gary. Let me first say that if I were purchasing a leads list to prospect, my first contact to those leads would not be via email. It would be over the phone.


Because the prospect wouldn’t know my email from all the dozens of spam emails they get daily.

Instead, I would try to reach the prospect over the phone. I would use the phone to introduce myself, to interview them and to tell them to expect my follow-up email. I’d even tell them what my email subject line so that they could easily recognize my email to them. That way I have a better chance of getting my email noticed and read by that prospect.

Don’t be afraid of using the phone in your prospecting. This is especially true when purchasing a leads list. The phone can by your prospecting ally.

Think of it this way..

When you’re sending email to people that don’t know you, you’re competing with all the spam emails and Nigerian scams that exist in the email world. So ask yourself – is this really where I want to compete for my prospect’s attention?

Most scammers prefer email over the phone. So why not use the phone to set yourself apart from the competition?

A phone call to your leads list can really work for you. People want to do business with people. They want to know that there’s a real person behind the website that they’re considering spending money with.

We get dozens of calls each week from prospective customers that call into our office just to see if someone will answer the phone here. They want to know that there are real people here behind our website. A phone call into our office gives them assurance – enough assurance to put their credit card information into our website to purchase web traffic to their capture pages, or leads.

If it is important for you to connect with us over the phone before you decide to spend money, doesn’t it make sense that your prospects are looking for some similar level of assurance before they decide to do business with you or your company?

Let me frame the use of the phone in a different light..

If talking to a prospect over the phone could give your prospect sufficient assurance to give you $200 to $400 in profit, would you really mind picking up the phone?

I wouldn’t mind.

In summary, I recommend using the phone to introduce yourself to your leads list prospect. Then leverage that introduction to tell the prospect to expect your email. You’re likely to get a better response from your email when you do this.

In a future newsletter, I’ll discuss what to write in those emails when you do send them out. That newsletter will best answer Gary’s original question.

Gary – Sorry for not answering your question directly in today’s newsletter. Howeer, I felt it was necessary to put this information in place as a foundation for the direct answer I’ll provide in an upcoming newsletter.

Thanks for reading.

To your success,