In today’s newsletter, let’s talk about prospecting follow-up.

Every so often, I get a call or email from a customer that basically says:

“So I’ve been using your MyAutoPilot Traffic and generated a ton of leads. I’m sending them emails from my lead capture page system but no one is writing me back. What should I do?”

I suggest that you..

A) Pick up the phone and call your prospects.
People want to do business with people. So reach out to the person by phone and let them know you’re a real person behind the website and emails.

We recommend that you use the approach outlined in your Members account. The first 10 seconds of the call are critical. That’s when you make or break the call. That’s when the salesman flags are raised so learn how to avoid them.

Interview the prospect and see if they’re a match for you or not. If they need more information, guide them to your website where they can get all their questions answered. Then ask them if they’re ready to get started. You’ll either get an answer of yes, need more information, or not interested. If they need more information, again guide them back to the website to again get those questions answered.

I recommend dialing thru the leads 3 to 5 times (once per day) before leaving any sort of voicemail message.


Because prospects want to use their voicemail to screen their calls. So when you call and don’t leave a voicemail, it drives them nuts. Often times they’ll call you back just to find out who called them. When that happens, again, use the approach in your member’s account to interview them.

In the event that you’ve dialed repeatedly and they’re still not responding, then it’s time for..

B) Send a text message.
Send a brief text message to the prospect. Ask them if they’re serious about a business from home or not. If I were sending that text message, it might read something like:

“Hi Sue, this is Enrique. You wanted info on making money from home. You saw the (your company name) video. What part did you like best? The product/service? Or making the big money?”

Or it might be something like:

“Hi Sue, this is Enrique. You wanted info on making money from home. I sent it to you via email. Were you serious about it or just kicking the idea around?”

Keep in mind that most lead capture page systems will forward the prospect to the business presentation after they optin. So your goal is to find out whether they’re interested or not.

Give these a try in your prospecting follow-up and see how they work for you.

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Thanks for reading.

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