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I ran into Tom “Big Al” Schreiter last week.


In a sandwich shop of course. (If you knew Tom, you’d understand.)

In case you don’t know Tom, he is someone that I consider to be the foremost trainer in the MLM industry. As Tom likes to say:

“If a bashful engineer like me can become successful in multilevel marketing or network marketing, then anyone can!”

During our visit, I quizzed Tom about his views of MLM lead generation and which he thought were the best business opportunity leads or home based business leads. Press the PLAY button below or read the transcript below. This is what Tom had to say:

Enrique: How do mlm distributors find the perfect MLM lead or MLM prospect? What does the perfect MLM prospect or business opportunity seeker look and sound like?

Big Al: There is no perfect prospect. Most prospects are pretty much neutral. They’re not a good prospect or a bad prospect until they meet us. They will become a good prospect or bad prospect depending upon what we say and what we do.

A good example would be… Let’s say I am a single and I go to a party to get a date. I come up to the ladies at the party and I say…

“So, how old are you? How much do you weigh? Are those your real teeth? What color do you dye your hair? How much makeup do you need in the morning?”

So at the end of the party, I go home probably without too many dates.

The next day, I go to my sponsor and I say:

Hey sponsor… I went to a party and there are no prospects there. Some of those ladies they don’t even like men. So please, please, please, Mr. Sponsor, please help me find a new party where there will be some good prospects.”

And the problem is even if I find some more good prospects; I’m going to ruin those too.

So most prospects are neutral because if you think about it, someone else could go to that same party and get a date by saying and doing something else.

So do you find the perfect prospect?

I don’t think so.

I think you actually create a good mlm lead prospect by what you say.

It could be your first sentence or two on the phone or in person.

And that brings up the question: What about relatives and friends?

A lot of people say… “Well I talked to my relatives and friends and they didn’t join so I need to go buy some leads or go find some new people”.

So I say, trust me… if what you said to your friends and relatives turned them off, strangers aren’t going to like that very much either.

So the first thing you might want to do before you go call that lead or before you talk to that stranger is maybe find out what to say or do that is going to work that’s going to turn that lead or stranger into a good prospect instead of a bad prospect.

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In summary, this describes how to find the perfect mlm lead prospect for your network marketing opportunity or business opportunity. It’s more about what you say to the mlm prospect or the business opportunity seeker that really matters more than anything else.

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