Over the weekend, I had a chance to meet a great group of distributors that are preparing to launch a direct sales company into the United States. As I visited with the team, the #1 question on their mind was..

“How do I find people that are interested in my business?”

They made the point that they’ve already burned thru their warm market, so they really have no one to really talk about this new venture. They also mentioned that they don’t mind talking to people they don’t know. But they’d only rather talk to people that already have an interest in their business.

While the answer I gave them was obvious to me, it wasn’t so obvious to them.

I told them that the best way to find people that were interested in their business was to send bizop-specific web traffic to their lead capture page. (I also told them that if they didn’t have a lead capture page, then they should get one immediately.) And when I say “bizop traffic” I’m referring to traffic composed of people that are looking for ways to make extra income from home. That way those people interested in their offer could request more information about that business.

If generating leads specific to your business appeals to you, consider the following points as you prepare your advertising campaign:

#1) Your Capture Page Offer

Often times your lead capture page can be a simple webform on a white background. If the offer is strong, you’ll create leads. So my point is that the page doesn’t have to be elaborate with professional videos and graphics. The offer is what’s most important. You typically convey the offer by selecting a good headline and sub-headline on the page.

#2) Attracting The Right Person

If your business is in health and wellness, give people an idea so that you DON’T attract people that are not interested in that sort of offer. At the same time, if your offer is only available to people with a certain amount of start-up funds, give prospects a hint that funds are required. That way only the right people become a lead for your business.

How to you qualify people on money on a lead capture page?

Try working the money amount into the headline or sub-headline. As an example, you might try.. “How To.. Turn a One-Time $500 Investment Into a Steady Stream of $297 Checks.” Offers crafted in this manner let me people know that there is an investment, but the benefits they can receive outweight the cost of that investment.

#3) The Presentation

The thing I like most about generating leads with a lead capture page is that prospects can be redirected to an online business presentation immediately after completing the webform. This is critical in automating the whole business prospecting process. And let’s face it, giving the business presentation to a new prospect is ultimately what we’re trying to achieve anyway with our business prospecting. Either the prospect has an interest in learning more or joining our business after viewing the presentation. Or they’re not interested. Having a presentation available after the optin acts to shorten the whole prospecting cycle. And it makes for an easy call back to the prospect.

If you’re interested in only talking to people that have an interest in your business, try sending MyAutoPilot Traffic to your lead capture page. Traffic is directed on a “per click” or “per visitor” basis. The more traffic you purchase, the lower the cost.

Give it a try today! See how well it works for you!

To your success,