If you are serious about  creating your own MLM lead generation factory, then this series of articles are some you will want to read and save for future reference.

Unlike other articles this series is written by someone who have ran the world’s largest lead generation company to the network marketing arena for years.

As a matter of fact if it wasn’t for our company launching back in 1994, there might not be a mlm lead generation industry today. At one time 87% of all MLM Lead companies on the internet were former members or buying their leads from us. So as you read this series of articles you will know you are talking to someone who understands every aspect of
lead generation.

Since 2005 when ProSTEP Inc. (the world’s largest MLM lead Generation) closed it’s doors, more and more of ProSTEP’s former leaders have come out withtraining guides, system, video and traiing series telling people that professional MLM lead generation companies don’t work, and you need to listen as they teach you how to build your business creating your own MLM lead factory.

Now to their credit they’re all good at what they do, and in several cases they are personal friends of mine, who I have supported for years, as the former Exec. V.P. of ProSTEP and paid these new guru’s in lead generation millions in commissions over the years as they bought our leads to build their databases.

So after reading through all of their system info, watching hours of their videos and joining several of their online systems, I decided that it was time to get some solid information in the hands of anyone who is serious about generating top quality MLM Leads on your own and teach people how they can become their own lead generation factory.

This will be the first of a series of articles written to help you get the full disclosure on what it takes to generate solid top quality MLM leads.

As the series moves forward I will cover everything from the basic fundementals to what type of marketing is used to generate different types of MLM Leads.

So tomorrow will start the series and we will cover the topic of online copywriting, and how to create Squeze Pages aka, Landing Pages, that pull great conversions.

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly

PS: Here is an article on Landing Pages for you to review: http://mlmleads.com/blog/mlm-lead-capture-pages-vs-mlm-landing-pages/