This describes mlm leads lists, mlm leads and mlm leads prospecting. How to ask whether your mlm lead prospect has money to start a business.

When it comes to prospecting your mlm leads or mlm lead list, it is important to qualify your prospect. You’ll want to qualify them on “time and money.”


Does your prospect have the time to put into a business from home?

Realistically your prospect is going to need at least 10 hours a week to be successful in their home business. Anything less and they’re fooling themselves. It won’t work. More than 10 hours? Yes, you have someone that qualifies for time.


Does Your Prospect Have Necessary Funds To Start a Business?

It depends.

It depends on how much money it takes to join your company.

It depends on the “perceived benefit” your prospect sees in joining your business.

Your mlm lead list prospect wants to know what’s in it for them if they join your business. What are you going to do for them? How will you help them? And when you do, what can they get into their lives that they don’t have now.

You’re Looking for People with Strong Desire.

Show your prospect a roadmap of how they can go from where they are now to where they want to be in life… then you’ll find out how much time and money they have to invest in business.

If Not Money, How About a Credit Card?

Instead of asking about money, maybe we should be asking about having a credit card instead?

Most businesses are going to be started on a credit card instead of cash. So doesn’t it make sense to ask that question instead?

I did an interview with Monavie distributor Ron Pruett a few years ago. In that interview, Ron talked about the various questions that he asked his mlm lead prospect during the interview. They are the same questions we have posted in our Member’s Training area. But there was one question that Ron was asking that went beyond our training. It went like this…

“If you and your husband (or you and your wife) ever went out to have dinner and you had to use a credit card, which one would it be? The reason I ask is that we do a lot of business by credit cards so I’m curious to know.”

All mlm lead list prospects answered his question without hesitation.

Now some of you may not be comfortable with asking the question. If not, I suggest you find an “off the wall” way of asking. Tell them “Oh by the way” that you’re looking for a good card deal. What credit card do they use and do they like it? That approach can provide you the same insight about the prospect’s access to a credit card.

Knowing that a prospect has a credit card will usually tell you that they have the necessary money to start a business.

Don’t Ask Too Soon.

One of the biggest mistakes that distributors make in prospecting is asking about the money too soon in their prospecting call. If you ask about money too soon, the salesman flags will go up for your prospect. They’ll get defensive. They’ll think that all you’re after is their money. They’ll begin to tell you answers like “I don’t have any money”. Since they don’t want to be sold, that’s their way of putting up a defense.

Take your time asking the money question.

By taking the time to interview their prospect and learning what they’re trying to get out of a business, you can better position the question. And when you do, the salesman flags will stay down. You’ll get a more honest assessment of the prospect’s financial situation. Then you can evaluate for yourself whether this person is a match for your business or not.

This article described mlm leads lists, mlm leads and mlm leads prospecting. It also described about how to ask your mlm lead prospect whether they have the money to start an MLM business, network marketing business or home business of their own.

And remember, when it comes to mlm leads prospecting your mlm leads or mlm leads list, it is important to qualify your prospect. You’ll want to qualify them on “time and money.”

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