Richard Cooper is killing it. He is absolutely killing it with his online marketing.

Here’s what Richard is doing:

* He’s sending MyAutoPilot click traffic to his lead capture page.

* Prospects are opting in and becoming leads in his system.

* A number of those prospects are then pulling out their credit card to join his business.

How sweet is that?

And the best part is that Richard did all his marketing and sponsoring on autopilot without ever talking to a single person. All this took place while Richard was at his day J O B!

Pretty sweet, right?

Richard bought a 40-click traffic package. His traffic started within the hour. Once he received his first round of 27 clicks of traffic, Richard sent us the screenshot above. Those 27 clicks of traffic generated 16 exclusive leads. That was a 59% optin rate collecting name and email address. AND it produced 1 sale in his business.

Once completed in full, his 40 clicks traffic order produced 27 leads for a 68% optin rate and 2 sales without him every talking to a single person.

Yes, Richard is killing it with his online marketing. And you can do the same.

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