When it comes to building your mlm business from home, “time” is your most precious commodity. It’s something you can’t purchase or replace. Once it has passed, there’s no getting it back.

As an entrepreneur, you have to be extremely disciplined about how you use your time. You want to use your time effectively so that your time investment creates a monetary return for you.

I call my office time my “green time“. Green stands for money.

As you work your business, keep track of how you spend your green time.

Are you using your “green” time to..

  • browse Facebook
  • read the news
  • read self-help or motivational materials
  • vacuum the office
  • organize your papers and desk
  • shop for new office equipment
  • chat on your downline
  • paint the office
  • offer your opinions on online forums
  • install new apps on your tablet and smartphone

Or are you spending your time..

  • creating new leads/prospects for your sales funnel
  • reaching out to new prospects; asking for the order
  • buying new traffic to your lead capture page
  • writing/placing new ads

As an entrepreneur you must constantly remind yourself to do the things that generate new income.

I recall an audio by Art Williams entitled “All you can do is all you can do but all you can do is enough.” In the audio he tells the story of a manufacturer and how the grandfather asks the young executive grandson what he was doing. The grandson tells how he’s searching for the right software that will make the manufacturing process streamlined and save them money. The grandfather hears this then reminds the grandson that software won’t make them money. Only sales will make them money. He advised his grandson to spend time making new sales instead of reviewing software.

While it’s important to spend time organizing your desk and reading self-improvement training, try doing those activities during your non-green time.

Focus your green-time activities on sales. You’ll make more money when you do this.

Thanks for reading.

To your success,