In today’s marketing tip, we talk about how and when to direct your mlm lead prospects to your mlm business presentation once they have completed your lead capture page web form.

Last week I spoke with a client regarding his lead capture page.  The client had setup his lead capture page such that when prospects completed his web form, they were directed to a generic thank you page instead of a business presentation. On this particular “thank you” page they were instructed to check their email and to click a confirm optin link to confirm their interest in receiving more information.  If and when the prospect clicked this confirm optin link, they were sent yet another email which then directed them to the client’s online business presentation.

While I believe it is important to make prospects jump thru hoops in order for them to qualify their interests, I think there may be just a few too many hoops involved in this mlm leads prospecting scenario.

We live in an “instant gratification” world. Hence, I think it is too much to expect a prospect to jump back and forth between website – email – back to website – email – back to website again, just to view a business presentation.  Most mlm lead prospects want the information immediately instead bouncing around like that described above.

As we examine our prospecting, ask yourself: What’s the ultimate goal in my prospecting?

Your goal should be to make a business presentation to our prospect.  Once the prospect has viewed your mlm business presentation or the “Plan”, they either want more information, or they don’t.  It’s that simple.

Keep in mind that this is a business of sifting and sorting. Some people will like what they see. Others won’t have an interest or it won’t be a match for them. Either way, the more people you present the plan to, the more people will join your business.

My recommendation is that once the prospect opts into your mlm lead capture page, immediately redirect them to your business presentation.  The best part about doing that is that when you follow-up with your mlm lead prospect,  simply ask:

“What part of the presentation did you like best? The part about the product/service? Or the part about making the big money?”

Well that’s it for today’s mlm lead marketing tip.  Let me know if we can help you with prospects to talk to.

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