What if there were a way to craft lead capture page headlines – or email subject lines – that would bust open sales for you?

Would that interest you?

Headlines are important to your marketing. The better the headline, the more traffic you’ll convert into leads. Or the better the email subject line, the more people will open and read your emails.

But that’s just the start.

Headlines will improve your results towards..

  • lead capture page conversion
  • email opens
  • sales page being read
  • blog articles being read
  • books/reports being read

Okay, so you get it that headlines are important. But if you’re going to craft a headline or email subject line, what sort of headline should you use?

Headlines commonly fall into 3 categories:

  1. Gain
  2. Threat
  3. Social Proof

Gain – this headline tells you how you can get something you don’t already have. Here’s an example..

“Learn how to lose weight eating cookies.”

Threat – this headline helps you avoid some sort of pain you may experience if you don’t take an action. Here’s an example..

“How to stop throwing money away everytime you turn the lights on at night.”

Social Proof – this sort of headline suggests that other people are making this choice, so you should do the same.

“Thousands now lose weight who never thought they could.”

Many people don’t give much thought about their lead capture page headline or email subject line. This is unfortunate since they play such an important part in the success of their business.

Become a student of good headlines. Keep a swipe file of good headlines that you come across during the course of your day. You can modify and use them later in your marketing.

Thanks for reading.

To your success,

PS. I’ve compiled a headline swipe file for you that I’ll be giving away. Look for it in a week or so.