This article describes the use of upsells to bring mlm leads into your network marketing business.

In today’s newsletter, let’s talk about “upselling” to your list of lead capture page optins or mlm leads.

What’s an “upsell”.

By definition, an upsell is a sales technique whereby a seller induces the customer to purchase more expensive items, upgrades or other add-ons in an attempt to make a more profitable sale.

So are you upselling to your list? If not, you might be leaving money on the table. Literally.

Upselling can be performed a number of different ways.

It Starts With the Optin Webform

If you want to maximize the number of optins from your MyAutoPilot Traffic, consider collecting only the email address at your webform. By requesting only the email address, you’ll get the maximum number of optins from traffic when directed to your lead capture page.

Once you get an optin, you have one transaction under your belt with that prospect.

The $1 Upsell

Once you get optin, you can make a business presentation, then present a low-cost offer for a product with perceived high value. Perhaps you make a $1 product available for purchase. If the product is digital, the $1 is mainly profit. While that won’t make you a lot of income, it goes along ways towards building trust with your prospect since they now have 2 transactions in place with you. That trust can be leveraged to sell even higher priced items in your sales funnel.

The $7, $25 Upsell

The goal for your sales funnel is to make it easy for prospects to repeatedly open up their wallet to you. If they’ve posted a $1 purchase with you, then go for a $7 or even a $25 purchase thereafter. Again, these purchases should be seen as high value for the money spent.

The Main Opportunity Upsell

The more times you get prospects to pull out their wallet, the more they trust you. They more they trust you, the more you’ll be in position to offer your main business opportunity.

Don’t Have an Upsell To Offer?

Let’s say you’re using a lead capture page system with pre-built email messages. And let’s say those messages only promote your main business opportunity. So now what? How can you put an upsell together for your prospects purchase?

I’d recommend that you find an inexpensive 3rd party information product that you can offer to your prospects. You might create an affiliate account at a site like Clickbank that offers hundreds of info products for sale. Pick out a product that would be of interest to your prospects.

Look at the pre-made sales materials for the product. They often include pre-written email messages. Use those email messages in your lead capture page email drip campaign. Promote those 3rd party products to your prospects to see if you can get them to open up their wallet to you.

Promoting a High Ticket Program?

If you are promoting a high ticket program, you should definitely put some upsells together in your sales funnel. The more low-end upsells you can make available in your sales funnel, the more money you’ll make along the way, and the more people you’ll get into your high ticket program.

As you stitch together your upsell sales funnel, just remember that each transaction helps the prospect trust you more. So make it easy for the prospect to transact and trust you. When they do, it’s easier to get them to join your main offer which is your business.

Use MyAutoPilot Traffic to drive prospects into your sales funnel in an automated manner.

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