This article describes how you can create your own unlimited supply of free MLM leads for your network marketing business opportunity.

Every so often I’ll have people calling-in or writing us via our website asking for free MLM Leads. When they ask, those folks usually fall into one of the two categories of distributors:

1) The “top” distributor of an MLM network marketing business opportunity.

This person is a self-proclaimed seasoned pro that is purportedly one of the top earners in their network marketing company. Though they can afford to purchase the leads themselves, they prefer to get them free from the MLM Lead vendor. In exchange for free leads, they promise the vendor that if the free MLM leads work out for them, they’ll gladly refer their organization to the lead source


2) The “newbie” distributor that has just started their network marketing business.

This person has just burned through their warm market of friends and family. They have no one to talk to. They’re faced with the realization that they’re out of business until they have new people to talk to. Since they’re spending as much as they’re making at the present, they want the leads vendor to provide them free leads to “sample” before they make the purchase.

Whenever I’m asked if we provide “samples”, I immediately tell them “YES”… and direct them to purchase the smallest package of leads in order to “sample” the leads before they make a larger purchase.

Why do I answer this way?

There are several reasons actually…

A) No free lunch. When people receive something for free, they treat it that way. Since it didn’t cost them anything, they tend to treat it that way. Regarding MLM leads, a distributor will tend not to work the leads as diligently as one would had they actually purchased the leads. If you’re going to succeed with MLM Leads, you have to work the leads to fruition.

B) No Margin. I simply don’t have the margin built into my pricing to give leads away for free. Since I only sell a lead twice – not 5 times like a number of others – I simply don’t have any margin left to give leads away. So if I were to give away leads for free, I wouldn’t make a profit. If I can’t make a profit for my business, I shouldn’t be in business.

C) Your Business. This is your business and you should treat it as a business. As a business owner, you should have an advertising budget set aside. Your cost of advertising should come out of that budget. You should not expect an MLM Leads Vendor to fund your advertising.

How to Find Free MLM Leads

Now let me tell you what you really want to know and that is how to find free MLM leads for your network marketing business opportunity. You’ll find those free leads in your warm market.

Are you surprised?

Are you wondering why I would give that answer knowing that I sell cold market leads?

Well, the reason I tell you that is because I believe it to be the truth.

You have to understand what cold market leads can provide you. They can provide you new warm market prospects that want to have a business of their own. Those are free MLM Leads. If you do your job well as a sponsor, your new distributor will provide you access to 100 to 300 people in their warm market.

Their warm market becomes your new warm market.

That new warm market is where you’ll find free MLM Leads for your business opportunity.

So whenever you run out of warm market prospects, come back and pickup a new business opportunity leads list. Go through the list and find those that want to have a business of their own. Then help them introduce your product/service to their warm market.

Listen Now “Enrique.. I’ve been networking for 30 years and to be honest with you, I’ve never seen leads this good!!..” John Johnston, MO.

In summary, there are a number of ways you can find free MLM leads for your network marketing business opportunity. The best are those that come from your extended warm market. However when you run out of warm market prospects to talk to, it’s time to purchase a new business opportunity leads list and go thru the numbers to find those people that are seriously looking for a way to make money from home.

If you need additional assistance however, don’t hesitate to phone us directly at (785) 539-6904.

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