Paul Kroto describes how quality mlm email lead lists, autoresponder leads or mlm lead lists can be used in prospecting for your MLM business opportunity.

Enrique: With email you have said it yourself in the past that it is very impersonal but you were bringing in 125 people in a month. You didn’t work with them, they didn’t know you. There was no relationship there. What I hear you doing now Paul is building relationships with not only your new distributors, but also with your prospects as well. What things have you done in that regard to employ technologies to help you build your relationships long distance in leveraging your time at the same time?

Paul: Well back in the day with the “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” tape, I would start off giving people tapes locally and then I was actually able to meet with them and they would watch a video, a video building compensation and they would understand network marketing and then I would meet with them belly to belly and that is the way things were done back then.

And now when you implement email marketing, you’re contacting people from all over the whole country. So it is not feasible to meet with these people in person, but you have to find a way to make that personal connection. That is what I learned from doing the mass amounts of emails and just hoping that my communication via email would be enough to build a relationship and that’s what made my whole organization dwindle and fall apart because I didn’t develop relationships with these 125 different new members every month.

So I quickly changed my tune I went with the philosophy quality vs. quantity.

I wanted to find – I always go back to the Bible where Jesus only dealt with 12 disciples and so I don’t think you can deal with more than 12 people. So again you are looking for a few select people to work with and probably 12 being the max number.

Now I simply cut back on the amount I am doing and now I am looking for some quality people, but you have to keep things personable. So one of the things and I always watch how the world changes and I have noticed that audio tapes don’t work anymore, video tapes don’t work anymore,

As things change I look at what’s the hottest thing going on now, what’s the best way of communication and we are in the YouTube Generation now. Everyone is going – if you haven’t heard of YouTube, you’re probably living under a rock. That is the most sought after internet site on the web right now. And what it’s about is a bunch of 2 minute videos that people make up.

I think it gets back to people’s attention span these days. It seems to be shrinking and shrinking. People can’t sit through a 2 hour presentation anymore because it is too long for them so it has to be condensed and short.

So I am using your program right now, DeskPing, to send out video emails to people and that is how I am able to shoot a video of myself and I keep it real impersonal like… “Hey how are you doing, I am just checking back with you and send out that so they feel more connected to me – they can actually see me. A few years ago I would put a picture of myself in the email or on a website with a little audio clip which you can also do with DeskPing if you like.

The real nice thing to do now is to use video, not so much to see your picture or hear your voice in a recording, but what is better is shooting them a video so I am using your DeskPing system and I think it is the best Web 2.0 marketing and communication platform out there. I have used a bunch of different products and tried them all out but this is all in one. I have never seen one place where you have the ability to do audio recordings, video recordings and conference calls and everything is in one spot so it is really the ultimate in the type of campaigns you can set up and so forth. So it’s really the ultimate tool that I am using now to build my business and really get that personal touch and involve them.

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