Whether it be in life, or in business, there’s always someone out there trying to take your ‘cheese”. That’s just how it is. So if you’re going to get your cheese, you have to compete. You’ve got to be competitive.

But how competitive do you want to be?

You can play it safe and do just enough to get by in your mlm business.

Or you can.. Decide to Win. Then Expect to Win!

Deciding to win takes no more energy than it does deciding to just get by. The only difference is the mental picture of the outcome you expect. Why not expect to win?!

Expect to Win” is something I try to reinforce with my kids. When you have a winning mental attitude, you do things a little differently. You carry yourself a little differently as well.

I raced bicycles for 17 years. After each training ride, I would ride up my street with my hands raised in the air in “victory” salute. You see, earlier I had made the decision to win at cycling. So every time I finished a training ride, I reinforced that mental image of winning by raising the victory salute.

As you go about your business day, decide that you’re going to win in your network marketing business. Then do the things that winners do. Expect to win.

Know that you have the perfect mlm business that can help prospects get what they want out of life. Know that you don’t need everyone to join your business. You only need a handful of people that see things the way you see it. The others.. so what if they didn’t join.

You’re looking for people like you.

You’re looking for winners.

Thanks for reading.

To your success,