Encouragement. A little goes a long way. Use this knowledge to build your business.

This last week I saw just how powerful encouragement is and what it can mean to a person.

Let me explain..

I have a couple sons. Both are Eagle Scouts. The youngest son just achieved his Eagle a few months ago. He was anxious to achieve his Eagle; not because of the award. It was because..

He wanted to quit.

(Do you know anyone in your business that wants to quit?)

While working towards his Eagle, he completed additional merit badges beyond those required for the rank. And for that reason, he earned his Bronze Eagle Palm award this week.

His Scout Leader and Scout Master took the time during the troop meeting to explain to the other scouts what it meant to earn an award beyond the Eagle rank. They recognized his work and accomplishments. They did that publicly in front of all the other scouts in attendance. And they encouraged the other scouts to continue to strive towards the top.. to achieve more.

Because of that public encouragement, my son now wants to continue scouting for at least another year.

I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt, that had he not received that encouragement, he would have quit.

But now he’s not.

As you look at your sales team, take time to praise your team members. They need encouragement more than you think. A little bit of praise and encouragement could mean all the difference towards staying in business.

Give praise and encouragement publicly. Do it so that other people witness your words of encouragement. Doing so compounds the impact.

Thanks for reading.

To your success,