Email marketing millionaire Paul Kroto uses DeskPing’s Powerful Streaming Media engine to send video email to his mlm email lead list.

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Enrique: Are you using the video to communicate and build the relationship with your organization or are you using it in the prospecting process as well? What have you found?

Paul: Both. I am using it in the prospecting process and I thinking I am getting a higher rate of people filling out the form because they’ve seen a guy and they know it is somebody real and it’s not some blank website that they are going. My video actually pops up now on the page before they fill out the form to request more information – Hey this is Paul Kroto I am glad you came to the website and I tell them a little about the business and a little about myself, about 2-3 minutes long keep it real short and condensed I am getting the highest – what was happening was we were getting a 1-2% form fill out rate back in 2001, but as time went on, less and less people were reading email they were deleting them and they were getting put in the bulk email box and so forth so we were getting like a quarter percent of the people to fill out the form and request more information, so that number has been going down over the past 5-6 years. But now I am back up to that 1 .5% form fill out rate because now there is a video of myself on the page that they can relate with me better, they know it’s a real person, I put my phone number on there, so they are like hey this looks like something I have never seen before and I am getting fill out rate sign up rates the same as I was back in 2001 now.

Enrique: Amazing. And for those that don’t know Paul, those were the best days when it came to email marketing quite frankly.

Paul: Oh sure.

Enrique: I like to say and I wrote 2 reports saying for me back then it was like shooting fish in a barrel. It didn’t get any better than that. So what you are saying Paul, you basically have a landing page and on that landing page you have a video that plays a couple minute duration and it’s an intro, a thanks for visiting and here’s who I am and here’s what’s in store for you if you decide to fill the form out, something like that. Is that correct?

Paul: Exactly

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