Million dollar producer Paul Kroto reveals his insider secrets to using mlm email lead lists and autoresponder lead lists to build successful network marketing businesses.

Enrique: A person like you does a lot of tracking. I heard you say that you tracked open rates. To track open rates obviously you need to send HTML emails.

Let’s talk about plain text verses HTML emails. Which do you find performs better these days?

Paul: There are different degrees of HTML.

In the very, very beginning, I would have sent you very beautifully organized emails that had borders on them and pictures and all kinds of stuff. Those emails are definitely getting blocked more and more these days. They’re landing in the junk folder.

So I tend to use HTML for the tracking features but I try and use as little bold as possible. I bold a few things in the email just to keep their eyes moving and looking towards the key things that I want them to read but I don’t put anything in red. I don’t put any large fonts and the email. It is an HTML email but for all intents purposes it’s almost a plain text message.

Enrique: So it looks like a plain text message but it is an HTML email message that allows you to put tracking codes in the message. Is that correct?

Paul: yes that’s correct.

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