This article is about creating effective email messages.

For the last 10 years email marketing has been one of the hottest marketing channels on the globe. However, in most cases, those who are writing the emails do not have a clue on how to effective write their email messages so they can gain the highest click-through and conversion rates.

And, although email marketing is not what it was 10 years ago, if you know how to create your email messages, and are using an email autoresponder solution that is created by experts in both email marketing and email deliverability, you will see your email marketing campaign results go through the roof.

Here are four keys to creating effective email messages.

1. Start With A Great Personalized Subject Line.

Readers look at subject lines first to consider if they are interested in reading on. Time invested in considering these few choice words can pay off in a huge way.  To begin writing a subject line, jot down some of the benefits your organization offers to those who join or use their products and services.

It could be working from home, increasing wealth, or becoming healthier.  Next, picture each benefit in your mind and write down all the emotions that go along with the benefit. Create your subject line with these emotion-packed words. The same approach can be used by considering what individuals would lose if they don’t take advantage of the opportunity.

Also, remember to use the person’s name in the subject line. As a matter of fact if you want to see your open rates climb 337% in your next email marketing campaign, then use the following format as an example:

Re: Troy, I found a company that will allow you to earn the additional $1737.00 a month you needed.

See how I used the “Re: and then the person’s name?” This will cause the subliminal mind to say “Hey that’s me, and it is the solution to the situation I asked about.

2. Your Text Should Speak Directly To Your Readers.

The body of your email should speak directly to your target prospects, citing examples of how your organization or product will meet their needs, desires and wants. It needs to have a sense of urgency so they’ll want to respond right away. Include 3 -4 exciting statements that will motivate the perosn reading your your email.  If 94% of distributors in your organization make over $10,000 a week, let readers know about it! Don’t make the mistake of assuming your reader will understand your organization r feel that he/she should be personally interested unless you extend the invitation. Invite your prospects to participate in learning more and let them know what you expect next. In other words, create a compeling Call-To-Action.

3. Tell Your Readers Exactly How To Follow Through.

Tell your email audience where to get more information. Be specific. Is your presentation sizzle call 24 hours? Let your readers know. Also, be sure to list all forms of communication including desktop-to-desktop communication, email, website, sizzle calls and your personal telephone number. This gives your prospects a choice of using the media they are comfortable using.

4. Email Images Should Compliment Your Subject Line And Text. 

If you are like so many email marketers (Yes, including me) you always want to use HTML emails instead of plain text. Well when doing so, you run the risk of having your emails go right into the smap folder.

However, when you do use images, it is important that you use images or colors that reflects the benefit you are announcing. Using this strategy strengthens the credibility of your statements in the reader’s eye. (By the way, the same thing rings true when designing Lead Capture Pages.)

Colors such as red and yellow can help to initiate urgency, while blue and green set the reader at ease.

Here at MLM Leads we offer one of the most exculsive and powerful email autoresponder solutions available today.

Each email autoresponder solution includes 30+ professionally created email messages, along with 5000 to 10000 leads preloaded into your email autorespdonder. You do not have to do anything but follow up by calling those prospects who request more information.

Go order your MLM Lead email autoresponder solution today, and make sure you mention you read this blog post, and we’ll give you 37% more leads to jump start your email marketing campaign.

So in closing, remember to write an effective email marketing champaign, each email message much include these four keys.

Never Give Up,


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