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Enrique: Early on you talked about getting a million MLM Email Leads a month. Now you sound as if you have switched gears a bit. It sounds that you work considerably fewer autoresponder leads a month. How has your marketing strategy changed in that sense?

Paul: What I do now is buy 10,000 email leads a month instead of a million. I have drastically cut back. But what I do is that I still send out the same type of friendly emails to get them to go to my site. And once they go to the site and fill out the form to request more information … and it’s good to give away information. Say like when you have the splash page, it’s always great to give something away for free. It could be any E book or some information or something that is of value to them. Then you can explain that this is a business and that there is a potential to make some money here.

This is all about sorting through people. You want to get them to fill out the form. This is another hoop that I make people jump through.

Now out of 10,000 leads, I will only get 100 people to fill out the form and request more information. But now I have 100 prospects to work with this month and then the rest of my month is spent working with these 100 people.

I will call them. I will email them. I will work with them and I will sort that down to maybe 15-20 good people or sort of good people at least. And then as the month goes on, I get that down and I end up signing up 5-10 people that really, really focus, are serious and have the financial ability to come in and join and that I feel are sharp enough and ambitious enough for me to work with.

Now again, you are not looking for a lot of people. Before, I was signing up 125 people a month.

You’re not looking for a lot of people; you are looking for a few key people. You can talk to any top leader in this industry; they will be able to point to 5 or 6 people that made them all of their money. You are just looking for a very select few.

I kind of look at this like a lotto scratch off ticket. You’re going through a lot of tickets a lot of people and you know in your mind you just need a few and you can make a ton of money in this industry.

I just can’t get over some of the incomes that people are making these days in this industry. So it is very attractive and once you buy into the fact that you only need a few good people.

I look at it myself as a waitress in a restaurant just going from table to table asking people if they would like some more coffee. And if they say no to me, I just move on to the next person. So I just keep on sorting and sorting and it is not so much that do they like me as it is do I like them.

And I have spent a lot of time in my past with the wrong type of people, just because they came on board and they wanted to do this. It doesn’t mean they were the right type of person for me to work with.

I just read a book “Don’t Send A Duck to Eagle School”. So you are looking for Eagles, you are looking for leaders and you can’t turn a duck into an eagle. I have spent a lot of time in my life trying to do that and so that is one thing I point out to people to try and not to do.

You just look for 5 or 6 really sharp and ambitious people to work with and you can make a lot of money with them.

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