Email Marketing Millionaire Paul Kroto shares his Email Marketing secret on email tracking, and how you can use this technique to increase your email results.

Enrique: For the person that wants to do his own email tracking, you have any suggestions on tools that are good for tracking click through rates and open rates?

Paul: Yes, there is a company called Linkfacts that does a great job of tracking links. I found them to be the best company out there. I’ve tried quite a few.

You’re going to need something to track when they open an email or when they click a link or not.

The main goal of an email is to get that person to click on link, go to website and read information on the website.

I think a lot of people want to put too much information in an email. They want to explain the whole science behind what their product or service is or what it does. People tend not to read the longer emails these days. They scan through it and think that if it’s too long or complicated, they’re not going to do it.

If you’re going to walk away from this call with anything and go into email marketing, then it’s going to be the word “curiosity”. You’ve got to get their curiosity is somehow. So I’ll use a subject line that kind of leaves them guessing. It doesn’t say a lot about what this is all about. It could read something like … check this out. So that gets their curiosity. So they opened the email then.

And then in the email there has to be some substance to the email. It can’t just say … go here. They’re just going to click away and not go to your website. There has to be some substance. You just want to tell them enough to get their curiosity.

The goal of the email it is to get them to click on that link and go to your website. Then on your website you can explain everything about your service our business and have pictures and video and all kinds of things there. In the email that’s not your goal to explain everything in the email. The only goal of the email is to get them to go to your website.

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