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Over the last few days I have been reading some on websites, and some blog posts where people I personally know are stating “Buying MLM Leads, cost to much, never work, and are over sold.”

Well, I’m here to set the record straight. Besides 95% of all these folks bought leads from me at one time or another, which is how they built their first MLM Lead Lists.

Well it all STOPS RIGHT NOW!

I talked to Enrique and we agreed, the best way to show you that these Gurus are just pulling your leg, hoping you will buy their $97.00 report on how to generate massive leads, is to put our money where our mouth is.

So starting right now we giving away FREE MLM Leads with every order between now and Saturday July 25th at 11:59 PM CDT. (just used the discount phrase at checkout “Hot Prospects”

Here is how this FREE MLM Lead Special is going to work!

On every MLM Lead order placed until July 25, with the discount phrase “Hot Prospects”I’m sending 30% more leads today on all lead orders!

And, I am not holding anything back. This means on ALL MLM Lead Orders!

So if you are one of our many clients already buying MLM leads daily, we just discounted your cost per lead. Now think about that for a second.

You are already buying the best quality MLM leads in the business at a deep discount, and we just increased that discount even deeper.

On real-time leads until the end of this FREE MLM Lead Special, your actual cost can be as low as 71 cents… compare that to others that sell it for $3.45/lead.

Or if you are one of our MLM Wireless clinets from Lightyear, Zurvia, or FDI (financial Destination International, who are using #1 most popular Direct-to-Website Redirect MLM Leads we are INCLUDING YOU in this Massive FREE MLM Lead Sale ALSO!

On that note, Enrique showed me a site today where some Lightyear Wireless leads are running as high as $6.50 per lead. Folks that’s nearly 3 times our REGULAR price – Go figure.

Listen, we are far from the biggest player in town when it comes to MLM Leads (which may be why our quality stays so high), but by far we are the BEST, and we are the #1 Destination for Real-Time, Direct-to-Website MLM Leads.

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WAIT… STOP… Katie Bar The Door!

If you have NEVER worked Professional MLM Leads, then before you contact even one of your MLM Leads, you should talk with Mike Boggs.

Mike is one of the most successful Network Markers in the business today, and built his success calling MLM Prospects.

Mike now works with us and is our exclusive personal MLM training coach.

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So, now you know about our massive MLM Free Lead Special.

Never Give Up,



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