Beware of the traffic bot!

That was the clear message customer “Andy” had for me when we spoke a few days ago.

Andy was calling to order MyAutoPilot Web Traffic after having been scammed for $5,000 on web traffic by a 3rd party mlm click traffic source.

Though Andy received the promised traffic to his site, those hits turned out to be web bots – not real people.

If you’re unfamiliar with bots, a web bot is defined as: a software application that runs automated tasks over the Internet.

Bots have the ability to mimic human interaction on the web. And as Andy found out, bots can be used to simulate real people being on a web site.

Before launching MyAutoPilot Traffic, we tested a number of traffic competitors and experienced first hand the use of bot traffic.

Traffic Vendor “A” sent a ton of click “traffic” to my lead capture page. I watched the traffic hit my page real-time using Google Analytics. While I had 100s of people on the page, I received 0 optins.

About a day later, I started getting optins at my lead capture page. Leads were popping in one after the other at regular intervals. I immediately opened Google Analytics to see how many people were on lead capture page.

There was no one was on my capture page. No one.

Wait.. How could I be getting real-time leads from my capture page when physically no one was on my page?!!

Something’s not right!

Here’s what I think happened..

I believe this “traffic vendor” used bots to simulate real people being on my capture page. The bots took care of the “hits” I would expect to see in my analytics. I then believe this vendor later posted leads directly into my autoresponder via web posts from their server. Hence, the leads I received in my autoresponder weren’t really optins from people that saw my capture page. They were leads posted from the vendor… likely leads that they sold multiple times to multiple people; not just me.

In 2015, we tested a “search” network. I spent $1,000s driving 100s of visitors to my lead capture page. Again, 0 leads were generated. I knew something wasn’t right when I was getting a consistent optin rate from other traffic sources.

What was most interesting was that the average person spent 0.6 seconds on my capture page!

Let me repeat that..

The average person spent 0.6 seconds on the page before they navigated away.

When was the last time you were on a page for only 0.6 seconds?

Likely never. Only a web bot could do that.

When it comes to spending your hard-earned money on advertising, it pays to become educated.

And it pays to do business with people that you know and trust to deliver high quality bizop click traffic.

Thanks for reading.

To your success,