This report tells how to uses mlm email lead lists, autoresponder lead lists for your network marketing businesses or MLM opportunity.

Enrique: So what I heard you say that you’re going to take a list of MLM Email Leads or autoresponder leads from then send them an email. You have a teaser subject line that teases them enough to get them to open up the email message to read the message. And that ad copy has a goal of connecting and teasing them enough to want them to click through the link to go to your website. And that is the call to action; to click through the email to go to your website. Is that correct?

Paul: exactly.

Enrique: one of the things that I do when I scan my email Paul, and I get a lot of email and I’m sure that you do all so, is that I’ll actually look at the from names to see if there is anyone that I know. Then I will do a scan through the subject lines to see if there is anything that is going to connect with me to think that this is a personal email. Now, you are a master at this. What things have you done or what things do in terms of selecting a from name for your email message? Do you use a regular name there even though these folks might not know you?

Paul: I definitely don’t recommend using a business name because it looks like it’s coming from a company.

Remember a hold goal of these emails is to look like it’s coming from someone that they know …a best friend. Type the email out like you were typing it to your best friend. I think that too many people are trying to be too professional. They use too fancy of an email that looks like it’s coming from a big company. When I do sample mailing, I hand write the envelope so that it looks like it came from a real person. So I think the same thing applies to email marketing. maybe you can use the name Paul as the from name. I think one of my programs does that. I really don’t see a huge difference So I think it’s fine to use your name. They may think to themselves … do I know this person?

One of my emails might have a subject line that reads … just checking in with you Sue. So the reader might think to themselves … do I know this person? They become curious. So they will click on at and then read the and then by reading the email they’re still not sure if they remember me are not. Because it may look like it came from someone they know and it’s written like it would be from someone she knew in the past. It might read … just checking back with you to see how you doing … I just came across this great business opportunity … I think this might be something that you would have an interest in … check out the site or company that I just got involved in. So the reader thinks to themselves that this is from a person that I know. So that gets their curiosity going so they click on the link and go to the web site.

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