This mlm leads generation article describes that you should always be testing your mlm lead capture page to get the best results. Here’s how.

When it comes to driving web traffic and generating your own mlm leads using lead capture pages, we encourage you to continually optimize and test new lead capture pages. That way you’re producing the best mlm leads for your business and for your team.

What sorts of lead capture page items should you be testing?

As you look at your lead capture page, consider trying..

  • new page headlines
  • new sub headlines
  • video on the page vs. no video
  • page layout with ad copy vs. minimal copy

Before you begin testing, take a look at your current page. How is it doing now? What sort of optin rate is it producing? What sort of mlm leads is it attracting?

If you’re promoting health and nutrition, does it make sense to target health-minded people with your capture page?

If you’re promoting a high-ticket program, does it make sense to have some financial qualifiers on your lead capture page?

If you said “yes”, then consider changing your headlines, sub headlines, videos and page ad copy to target the type of person you’re ultimately trying to attract into your business.

As you begin testing, always test the new page against an existing good page. Test them both at the same time using the same traffic so that you can get comparable results.

How do optin rates compare between the 2 pages?

Are the leads from one capture page more responsive than the other?

If results are better with the new page, then start directing traffic to the new page. At the same time, get rid of the old page and start creating a new capture page that will again be tested against the existing good page.

If results were better with the old page, then keep the old and begin creating a new page for more testing.

The ads you see on TV get old after awhile. That’s why companies are always creating new ads to keep their response rate high. And so it is with lead capture pages. They too get old and need to be changed out every so often to keep response rates high.

If ever you want help in testing your lead capture pages, please just let us know. We can split up your MyAutoPilot Traffic order so that it directs traffic to any number of different URLs you specify. Just provide us those URLs in the Comment Box when placing your mlm leads order.

We’re glad to help.

Thanks for reading.

To your success,

Enrique Garibay

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