This mlm leads prospecting article describes how to use email to qualify your mlm lead prospects.

Do you use an email autoresponder to send prospecting emails to your lists?  If so, this newsletter may interest you..

I did some recent testing of “confirm optin” versus no-confirm optin. The results were pretty interesting.

NOTE: “Confirm optin” is the act of sending a confirmation email to a prospect asking them to verify their interest in receiving your email.  To receive your email, they must click a link in a confirmation email, thereby “confirming” their interest.

Based on our test of nearly 1,000 of our Real-Time leads, I found that the rate at which people will “Confirm Optin” to a mailing is nearly identical to the rate at which people will “open their email” from a non-confirm optin mailing.

So, what does that mean?

As it relates to prospecting, the results tell me that if a prospect is really interested in your information, they don’t mind going thru the Confirm Optin process to learn more.

But why bother with Confirm Optin if you don’t have to?

Well, there are some really good reasons why you should consider confirm optin in your prospecting..

1) Clean Your Email List.

Recent studies by MarketingSherpa have found that nearly 70% of all prospects give their correct email address. That means that nearly 30% don’t give accurate email information.  By using confirm optin in your mailing, you’ll reduce the amount of mail you send and the number of prospects in your sales funnel.

2) Qualify your Prospects.

When a person confirms their optin, they’re telling you that they’re motivated enough to learn more about your offering.  So if you’re going to followup with any of your leads, you should probably followup with those that confirmed their optin.  Otherwise you could be wasting a lot of your time and energy with all the wrong people.

The confirm optin process gives your prospects another hoop they have to jump thru to learn more about your offer.  The more hoops they go thru, the more qualified they are for your prospecting.

Build Relationships

When it comes to marketing, don’t rely solely on email to build the relationship for you.  Nothing builds a connection better than meeting in person if you can, or connecting by phone.

Think about these tips when conducting your next email marketing prospecting campaign.

This article described mlm leads prospecting and how to use email to qualify your mlm lead prospects.

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