What do high performing lead capture pages have in common?

Before I give you the answer, let’s define a “high performing lead capture page“.

I define a high performing lead capture page as one that has a high optin rate from the bizop traffic that is directed to it. One that creates targeted leads for the distributor.

So now, back to the question.. what do high performing lead capture pages have in common?

They Talk Directly To The Prospect

High converting pages don’t waste the prospect’s time by talking about themselves, their company, products or services. They know prospects don’t care. They talk to the prospect and how they can help the prospect. They answer the prospect’s question:

“So what.. What’s in it for me?”

They Talk About Money

High converting pages talk about money. That’s what’s most important to the prospect. That’s first and foremost to prospects. That’s where the prospecting conversation starts.

They Give a Deadline

It’s not enough to talk about making money from home. It’s more effective when you give a dollar amount and a time when that amount can be achieved.

They’re Believable

High converting pages are short on hype. They use believable ad copy with achievable and believable results.

No Scrolling Required

You don’t have to scroll down high converting pages because you can see the entire page in one screen.

Great Headline, Sub-Headline

High converting pages have really well crafted headlines and sub-headlines that pick the prospect’s interest to want to learn more.

Well Tested

High converting pages have been tested, tweaked, tested, tweaked some more and tested some more. Creating a high converting page is a process. It takes time and tracking to really get a page dialed in.

In summary, a high converting page is short and to the point. It talks to the prospect about how it can help the prospect make money. It’s believable. And it’s well tested.

If you’re not getting the results you expect from your page, try implementing some of these suggestions to improve your page. Use The Headline Swipe File if you need a good source of headlines. If your lead capture page system doesn’t allow you to test different headlines, consider ours here.

Thanks for reading.

To your success,