MLM has been and always will be a people business. And as with any people driven business (insurance, real estate, financial planning or car sales) you have to talk to a lot of people in order to be successful. Utilizing a reputable MLM Lead company for your Network Marketing Leads is the most proven turnkey method of building your home based network marketing business.

Let’s be real, it is almost mathematically unfathomable for you or your downline team to know thousands of people personally. At the high end you may personally know 75 to 100 people, and influence less than 25% of those you know.  So the odds are against you, me or most other folks building a multi-million dollar business off “JUST” our friends and family. A reputable MLM Lead Generation company who offers Real Time Leads can provide you and your whole MLM downline with unlimited numbers of people who are looking for some type of home based business.

Now some of you may be internet marketing gurus who have mastered various marketing methods to generate your own leads. However, my question to you is, just how long did it take you to learn these methods, and how fast can you pass your knowledge to your downline? And is that really what you want to be spending your time on? If your goal is to create a multi-million dollar network marketing business, then leave generating Real Time Leads to the professionals.

And as a side note, if you think you can generate your own exclusive Real Time MLM Leads, you are sadly mistaken.  The leads who answer your online marketing campaigns are just like you were when you got looking for a business. They are investigating several businesses to see what really fits their overall goals.

As someone who has been on every side of the lead generation profession, I can say firsthand that when you use professional MLM Lead Generation you maximize your marketing dollars and you add hours of prospecting time to your schedule. And as we all know time is not something we can gain back once it is gone.

Since network marketing is all about duplication, you have to create a system or process that your team can understand and duplicate.

Your MLM organizations success depends on how well you can train motivate and equip them to all take the same steps you have in creating your successful MLM businesses. can be the heart of this process. If you incorporate the use of Real Time Leads into your business then you have a solid chance of achieving a high level of success in the network marketing industry.

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly