This article describes mlm lead, mlm leads, mlm lead prospecting and mlm lead prospecting training.  I have over 70 hours of mlm prospecting training available for you.

It seems like every week I get people asking about training.  They want more of it.  But they want to go thru the training when THEY have the time.  That’s usually when they’re driving to and from work.

So I started thinking about that..

I looked into my personal “training vault” and found that I had over 70 hours of audio and video training.  This is real “nuts and bolts” training on prospecting and growing your business.

Live prospecting calls.

“How To” interviews.

Email marketing tips.

Landing Page marketing tips.

Lead Generation tips.

Phone scripts;  Those that work and why they work.  Those that DON’T work well and why they don’t work so well.

Video marketing tips as well.

I’m considering making this training available to you.  That way you could put it on your ipod or play it in your car while you drive to and from work.

What do you think?

Would 70+ hours of nuts and bolts training benefit you and your team?

Ask your team and let me know.  I’m interested in your feedback.  Hit “reply” and write me back.  Or use our Contact Us form by clicking here.

Meanwhile, let us know how we can help you with your business.  See Today’s MLM Lead Specials by clicking here.

Thanks for reading.


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