Want to me a top producer in your mlm company or network marketing company? If so, then pay close attention to what top producers do, and then do the same.

In today’s marketing tip, I cover the top 7 things that successful people do every Monday morning. They include..

1) Get up early, exercise and eat.

Exercise gets your circulation going and helps you have more energy and keep alert.

Eat before going to work. Last thing you want to do is to lose your concentration by staring at the clock waiting for lunch.

2) Get there early; clean your desktop.

Getting there early not only helps you to avoid the Monday morning rush hour, but it gives you wiggle room for the unexpected issues that are bound to arise.

If you didn’t do this last Friday before you left for the weekend, do it now. Get organized and prioritize your tasks and projects. Do this early so that you’ll again have wiggle room for the unexpected.

3) Greet the team with a smile.

While it’s important to do this every morning, Monday is especially important. Spending time with the team boosts morale and a sense of community for your team.

Monday mornings can be stressful so make an effort to help your team reduce the stress by adding more smile.

4) Set goals, visualize success, then work backwards.

Set 5 to 8 goals for the week. Knowing what your goals are, work backwards to identify what has to be accomplished this week to reach those goals. Create a list of to do items based on those goals.

5) Do first that which is most important.

Your energy is strongest in the morning so do the things then that are either most important or most critical to the success of your business.

6) Screen, prioritize and humanize your emails.

You’re bound to get a ton of email over the weekend. Mark the priority emails and respond to them first. Respond to the rest as time permits.

It’s easier to pound thru the emails with short, concise answers but try to add some humanity to your emails for the sake of the relationships your emails can foster. You can do this by simply asking “how was your weekend” in your email. It’s simple but it can make a big difference.

7) Say no politely. Focus.

It’s easy to get pulled into everyone’s meeting and in the process, never get anything done. Pick and choose your activities wisely and politely decline those that don’t fit your priorities.

Focus on what’s important now; not on what happened over the weekend.

And remember.. if you didn’t solve all the problems today, no sweat. Tuesday is right around the corner.

Take charge of your Monday mornings and see how your business grows as a result!


“It’s Too Easy; Like Fishing in a Barrel.

On a separate topic.. as you know I’ve been writing lately about automating your business over the summer months and how to go about that.

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To your success,

Enrique Garibay