Your #1 goal in using a MLM lead capture page is to get your website visitor to complete your Call-to-Action. In most cases you probably have a form somewhere on the site. Here are seven basic strategies you can use to optimize your Call-to-Action lead capture forms.

1. Be specific on which fields are required by using asterisks next to these required fields. And always ask yourself the follow question – do the non-required fields offer enough value for prospects to fill them in? If the answer is NO, then remove them from your lead capture page all together. If when you are done, then only fields you have left are required — then asterisks would be overkill — which brings us to our next strategy.

2. Only ask them to fill in required fields. Asking for too much information before you have not established Trust is like asking for more than a kiss on the first date. Don’t get me wrong, we all want as much info as we can get. In the old days when I used post cards all we cared about was name and phone number (we had the address) now I get requests for, age, work title, email, amount of money required, how many hours per week, phone number and address. BUT! Most of that is not important. If there is not a company specific reason why you need the info, then don’t ask for it. This is far less likely to frustrate the impatient, fast-paced landing page visitor who does not feel comfortable sharing their personal info with a stranger.

3. Clarify your Call-to-Action, in other words what you expect of your potential business partner or customer to do why they are on your lead capture page?  We strongly suggest using a short personal video to give your visitor directions to follow, and more importantly your video will guide them down a pathway of trust. When they see and hear you, they start to connect. Remember it’s one thing to talk with someone one the phone or read their emails. It is quite another to see and hear them in person. Going back to my first date analogy – a person may sound good on the phone, write wonderful letters, but when you meet for the first time, you may find she has more face hair than you do. Web based video takes away the unknown and replaces it with a real person.

4. Offer personal guarantees when asking for personal information. Although Enrique and I do not use lead capture pages for or we do use the personal guarantee strategy. As a matter of fact this is one of Enrique’s strengths. His reputation is priceless, and he is willing to stand out front and let people know he can be trusted.  On a lead capture page, your personal guarantee should give reassurance to your visitors about their privacy and security concerns. Place a link to a privacy and security page where visitors can click to read your guarantees. I would also suggest stating something about your guarantees in your video.

5. Clearly explain the values/benefits your web visitor will receive by filling out your lead capture form, and do this right up front. Don’t make them wait until they are half way down your page. They should have no question as to what to expect once they fill the form and clicked submit.

6. Don’t ask visitors to submit via email. Your Call-to-Action buttons should clearly define the specific action they’re to follow. Use bright colors to make the Call-to-Action button stand out effectively. I also suggest NOT using the word “submit” — it’s generic. Get specific. If they are going to watch a video then say “Video” if it is an audio then say “audio.” If you are giving them an ebook write “eBook” or “download” If you are having them join your newsletter then use “Subscribe” or “Join”

7. Share contact information on your MLM lead capture page in the top-right corner on every page. Don’t list some email address. Give your visitor a phone number and a “Contact Us” link. If they don’t want to fill out the form, then they can call and speak with you directly.

Our goal here at the Blog is to provide you valuable information that will enhance your ability to close your MLM Leads and teach them to duplicate your success both online and offline.

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