As we approach Thanksgiving, it’s a time to remember the things that we’re most thankful for. For many that enjoy a home business, it’s being thankful for not having to spend thankless hours sitting in traffic.

I remember those days.. one hour to drive 8 miles.autotraffic

A recent article published by the American Society of Civil Engineers reported that American vehicles currently spend 6.9 billion hours a year stuck in traffic.

If each of these vehicles had an average of 1.5 adults in them, these vehicle hours would translate to roughly 5 million unpaid full-time jobs.

By 2020, those 6.9 billion lost hours are projected to be 8.3 billion lost hours.

Whether the number is 6.9 or 8.3 billion hours, that’s a lot of wasted time. That’s time away from our loved ones. That’s time away from our hobbies and our passions. That’s stress time, instead of relaxation time.

So when it comes to prospecting for your business, just remember how valuable your time is.

Put your prospecting on autopilot this holiday season by driving bizop traffic to your lead capture page using MyAutoPilot Traffic. Then let your lead capture page system do all the selling and telling for you while you enjoy your family time.

And remind your prospects how valuable their time is too.

Would they rather spend months and years of unpaid time sitting in traffic? Or would they rather find something that they can do part-time that would make them money while giving them more time with their family and hobbies?

Thanks for reading.

To your success,